Ux Design Exercise

FutureNow is a multipurpose multimedia application that provides users with a unique interface and accessibility to a range of content, such as, t.v., movies, music and games. In this design exercise I focus on the video player portion of this application.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis of major multimedia entertainment providers, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora and Spotify gives insight into the required functionality of this multipurpose application. All of these providers focus primarily on one service, FutureNow's application is a multipurpose entertainment solution which provides multiple types of media content.

Target Users

The general target user demographic for FutureNow’s multimedia application will be men and women between the ages of 18 and 40. While this is quite broad, it covers the main age groups for the most active users on competitor music streaming services Spotify and Pandora, according to statistica.com. It is also this age group that is the most actively watching tv via streaming services. According to civicscience.com women are 8% more likely to use streaming video services than men.

User Needs and Requirements

The following questionnaire was given in both paper form and in personal semi-structured interviews:

  • What is your age?
  • Can you describe your daily activities?
  • How often do you use multimedia apps such as music, video or games on your mobile phone?
  • How often do you use multimedia apps such as music, video or games on your PC?
  • Do you use media applications while performing your daily activities?
  • What types of media do you consume the most of; video, games or music.
  • Can you describe how you interact with your media while performing your daily activities.
  • What are your thoughts about switching from one application to another when wanting to change the type of media you are interacting with. (Such as switching from Netflix to Pandora.)
  • If you could improve your experience when interacting with multiple media applications, how would you do so?
  • Any additional thoughts or opinions on the subject?

From the user research I found that most people use media applications on a regular basis and most didn’t have any issues with switching between apps and media types. I have concluded that just having the ability to switch between music, video and games in single application is not enough. Users see this is as more of a slight inconvenience, but not really a problem. They are used to it. Creating a unique experience for FutureNow’s app will be the biggest advantage. I also found that through interviews and questionnaires that people tended to elaborate a little more in a person-to-person interview. They seem to give much shorter, concise answers when it is a questionnaire, which in some circumstances, could be beneficial.

Target Audience

The target audience for FutureNow Inc.’s multimedia application is mostly men and women between the ages of 18 and 40. Many types of people utilize media apps on a near daily basis. Some use them while they are exercising some use them while they are working and some while they are just relaxing. They will be comfortable with technology and are very likely to have experience with using existing multimedia applications. They use their smartphones and computers to consume music, television and games.

Usability Requirements

  • The application will be easy to use the first time users encounter the interface.
  • With appropriate icons, users can quickly and efficiently perform their desired tasks. Using relevant metaphors for icons will help users quickly remember how to accomplish tasks if they are returning to the app after a long period of absence.
  • The application will remember where the user left off, what their most watched or listened to stations are. This will help reduce the amount of items a user must remember.
  • Any error the system encounters will be accompanied by a relevant pop-up message that explains in relevant context what the error is and how to correct it.
  • Any important profile information that the user decides to delete will be accompanied by a pop-up message to confirm the user wants to make this decision.